Pale Lunar Fictions, Vol. 1

by Postilion and Dream Horses

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First of three EPs to be released under this title.


released December 1, 2014

all words and music by dan clark
vocals by kelsey, recorded via




Postilion and Dream Horses Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Music to help me cope.

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Track Name: Polydamna
A medicine for sorrow
A gift for a queen
But I still can’t help thinking
About all the trouble I’ve seen
No one knows
And now no one has to ever know
Not even me

How much can you forget
Before you forget yourself?

This isn’t what I meant
Not what I meant at all
When I
Said I wanted to move on
But I don’t want to be rude
I do accept your gift
(It’s funny that’s what you call it)

I’ve been waiting all my life
For this time, though I’ll deny it if you ask me
Waiting, for a chance to choose
To remake my self
To re-take my life, just one drink

A hidden balm in libations
Given to princes and kings
To ease their troubled brows
But none for herself
There is always that choice

After all, how much can you afford to forget?

How much will you choose to forget about me
When the world comes crashing down at your feet
we are what we forget
And what we choose to remember
Track Name: The Talk
I live in a dead city in my heart
The only sounds are things left behind
Anything that moves I don't want to meet
If something comes to this place, I tremble and hide, I pray for my mind, I pray to be free

Your name is still a magic word for me
It can open any door, but it's nothing I can keep

Where do I go, out in the cold and the dark?
I've searched all the places we would hide when we were kids
Feeling the threat out there, unseen on the horizon
Out where the monsters tear down the things for which you live

I've salvaged all I could, I'm hid away
I can only hope nothing comes for me; no thought of escape
Track Name: Sunstone
Facing down another decade on my own
Owning up to all my faults
Getting used to sitting across from an empty chair
Dining alone, trying to act like an adult

At a party for somebody I barely knew
ready to leave when you walked in
They all clamored for you but when you saw me
You could tell, we liked the same kind of sin

I...I wasn't waiting here for you
I wasn't lonely at all
That's what I told myself

I...I was looking for an angel
I was blind
To the devil herself

You made your intentions clear right from the start
No with words but with your look
I spoke your language, you could see it in my eyes
As I read your Leather collar, your leather boots

This isn't fantasy this happens every day
It's just called falling in love
When you look with your heart and not with your eyes
You'll learn the truth of what you're dreaming of
Track Name: Footfalls
Crimson flags they fly
Burning childhood
Consumed with passions
Promised in light
Crimson pyres rise
Floating through air
Disposed by nothing
Promised in light

Footfalls that I hear
Footfalls in the night
In the beat of my heart
Or do the come for me?
Footfalls that I hear
Footfalls in the night
The wind is at my back
Here they come for me

I was drawn in
I was a pawn in
Your game
Belief and need
The dagger and shield
The arms we wield