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A medicine for sorrow
A gift for a queen
But I still can’t help thinking
About all the trouble I’ve seen
No one knows
And now no one has to ever know
Not even me

How much can you forget
Before you forget yourself?

This isn’t what I meant
Not what I meant at all
When I
Said I wanted to move on
But I don’t want to be rude
I do accept your gift
(It’s funny that’s what you call it)

I’ve been waiting all my life
For this time, though I’ll deny it if you ask me
Waiting, for a chance to choose
To remake my self
To re-take my life, just one drink

A hidden balm in libations
Given to princes and kings
To ease their troubled brows
But none for herself
There is always that choice

After all, how much can you afford to forget?

How much will you choose to forget about me
When the world comes crashing down at your feet
we are what we forget
And what we choose to remember


from Pale Lunar Fictions, Vol. 1, released December 1, 2014




Postilion and Dream Horses Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Music to help me cope.

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